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Back in 2003 Python suffered from a very fragmented web framework community where applications written with code from one framework wouldnt run on the server component from a different framework. WSGI is a Python standard described in detail in PEP 3333.

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Web server gateway interface python. The Web Server Gateway Interface is a Python standard created in 2003 by Philip J. In this way the server can support more standard-supporting frameworks and the framework can also use more standard-supporting servers. A CGI script is invoked by an HTTP server usually to process user input submitted through an HTML or element.

Think gzip recording proxy load-balancing. It explains how a web server communicates with python web. It is used to forward requests from a web server such as Apache or NGINX to a backend Python web application or framework.

WSGI authored by Philip J. The CGI specs are currently maintained by the NCSA. Eby and the Python web community.

Web Server Gateway Interface WSGI. Eby proposed PEP-0333 the Python Web Server Gateway Interface WSGI. The Web Server Gateway Interface WSGI pronounced whiskey or WIZ-ghee is a simple calling convention for web servers to forward requests to web applications or frameworks written in the Python programming language.

From there responses are then passed back to the webserver to reply to the requestor. WSGI stands for Web Server Gateway Interface. Web Server Gateway Interface WSGI Server Object Method Python Server Sent Events.

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In 2003 PEP-3333 updated the WSGI interface to add Python 3 support. Medusa embed Python eg. The Common Gateway Interface or CGI is a set of standards that define how information is exchanged between the web server and a custom script.

The idea was to provide a high-level universal interface between Python applications and web servers. WSGI Web Server Gateway Interface is a specification that defines the interface format between web app and web server written in python and realizes the decoupling between web app and web server. Most often CGI scripts live in the servers special cgi-bin directory.

For more see Learn about WSGI. Why is WSGI necessary.

The HTTP server places all sorts of information about the request such as the clients hostname the requested URL the query string and lots of other goodies in the script. The availability and widespread use of such an API in web servers for Python — whether those servers are written in Python eg. WSGI Frameworks in Python.

WSGI is a specification laid out in PEP 333 for a standardized interfacebetween Web servers and Python Web frameworksapplications. CGI FastCGI etc — would separate choice of framework from choice of web server freeing users to choose a pairing that suits them while freeing framework and server developers to focus on their preferred area of specialization. To address this problem in 2003 Phillip J.

Web Server Gateway Interface WSGI This modified text is an extract of the original Stack Overflow Documentation created by following contributors and released under CC BY-SA 30. It is a specification that describes how a web server communicates with web applications and how web applications can be chained together to process one request. Python – CGI Programming.

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WSGI is a specification that describes the communication between web servers and Python web applications or frameworks. A traditional web server does not understand or have any way to run Python applications. List destructuring aka packing and unpacking Accessing Python source code and bytecode.

Alternatives to switch statement from other languages. The goal is to provide a relatively simpleyet comprehensiveinterfacecapable of supporting all or most interactions between a Web server anda Web framework. Think CGI but programmatic rather than IO based An additional goal is to support middleware components for pre- andpost-processing of requests.

A Web Server Gateway Interface WSGI server implements the web server side of the WSGI interface for running Python web applications. The availability and widespread use of such an API in web servers for Python — whether those. Eby and published on December 7 2003 is a Web Server Gateway Interface a specification that explains how a web server communicates with web applications and how the.

Mod_python or invoke Python via a gateway protocol eg. WSGI is the Web Server Gateway Interface. Requests are sent from the clients browser to the server.

The current version of WSGI version 101 is specified in Python Enhancement Proposal PEP 3333.

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