Web Server Error Page Information Disclosure

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These messages reveal implementation details that should never be revealed. Bad syntax or a request to a resource that doesnt exist.

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The remote web server discloses information via HTTP headers.

Web server error page information disclosure. Learn how to harden your nginx server. Example of File Name Path Disclosure. You get a 404 – File not found error.

IIS also writes the 404 error with the substatus code of 2 4042 in the W3C Extended log files by default. Description The HTTP headers sent by the remote web server disclose information that can aid an attacker such as the server version and languages used by the web server. Open the webconfig file for SS which is located in the root directory for the website.

All the error handling in the case of the apache server is done using the ErrorDocument tag. Syntax of the tag is ErrorDocument 3-digit-code. A target host using HTTP may also be vulnerable to this issue.

To avoid showing Web sever information we will show in this article how to hide the information of Apache Web Server using particular Apache directives. Solution Modify the HTTP headers of the web server to not disclose detailed information about the underlying web server. It is not difficult to add custom error pages on an IIS server.

Solution Filter error messages containing path information. The security bulletin contains all the relevant information about the security update. Error Page Discloses Web Server Version.

Leaking this kind of information may help an attacker fine-tune attacks against the application and its backend. As an argument a URL is passed to sewsenlm. Information Leakage in its most common form is the result of one or more of the following conditions.

Microsoft has released security bulletin MS06-033. If the normal URL is like. How To Modify the Server Header You can modify your tomcat serverxml and add a server option and set it to whatever you want.

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Inside the tag add the tag. Microsoft-HTTPAPI20 is added to the header by the NET framework. Hiding your version information will not stop an attack from happening but it will make you less of a target if attackers are looking for a specific version of hardware or software.

Status codes between 400 and 500 specify an error that the client made eg. 13 Useful Tips to Secure Your Apache Web Server. The URL can be altered and will permit files outside of the web root to be viewed.

Information disclosure is considered to be a serious threat where an application reveals too much sensitive information such as the mechanical details of the environment web application or user-specific data. The most common problem is when detailed internal error messages such as stack traces database dumps and error codes are displayed to the user hacker. Sometimes such information can be found or identified in the responses of the web applications error pages debugging information etc.

It also shows the information about Apache modules installed in your server. Many servers are configured by default to expose web server banner information. To remove that information you must update the Windows registry.

This can happen due to incorrect handling of user input exceptions at the backend or inappropriate configuration of the web server. The customer may be unable or unwilling to configure the web server directly. Subtle data may be used by an attacker to exploit the target hosting network web application or its users.

I have run a Qualys Web Application Scan for a customer website and found the Path Disclosure Path-Based Vulnerability. After such configuration change the web server will not expose any information about its makeversionOS. This is a good deal of information for attackers to exploit vulnerabilities and gain access to your web server.

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This includes file manifest information and deployment options. An attacker connected to a host on your network using HTTPS typically on port 443 could craft a specially formed GET request from the Web server resulting in a 3XX Object Moved error message containing the internal IP address or internal network name of the Web server. To change that you simply need to reconfigure the web server and if necessary restart it.

A failure to scrub out HTMLScript comments containing sensitive information improper application or server configurations or differences in page responses for valid versus invalid data. Third hide the server type. More details about the same can be found on this page.

As a result sensitive information could be obtained from the Netware server such as the RCONSOLE. Plus I could log all this information on a per-server basis and know exactly who I want to attack the instant a vulnerability is found for any type of server. If you do not enable this functionality after installing IIS by default on this denial IIS returns a generic 404 custom error page to prevent disclosure of configuration information.

At least one web application hosted on the remote web server discloses the physical path to its directories when a malformed request is sent to it. The two most-frequently reported information disclosure vulnerabilities involve the Tomcat version being reported in the Server HTTP Response header and default error pages that report server type and version details. If these cases your customer may contact the vendor for assistance or ignore the finding.

To view the complete security bulletin visit the following Microsoft Web sites. The HTTP header line Server. You can try this by requesting a bogus URL from the web-site of your choice for example.

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On a Netware Web Server viewcodejse allows the source code of web pages to be viewed. When you install Apache with source or any other package installers like yum it displays the version of your Apache web server installed on your server with the Operating system name of your server in Errors. Improper handling of errors can introduce a variety of security problems for a web site.

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