Solarwinds Additional Web Server Requirements

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Extract and run the installer onto your additional web server. When questioned by Rep.

How Orion Platform Products Work

L The Orion Server is the primary server that hosts Orion Platform products including WPM.

Solarwinds additional web server requirements. Default additional web server port. If you are going to install a backup server for High Availability review the SolarWinds High Availability requirements. Make sure to only upgrade one product at a time on the main polling engine then the additional polling engine.

SCOTTSDALE Ariz March 01 2021 GLOBE NEWSWIRE — In early December 2020 it was revealed that a state-sponsored cyber attack had been launched through a supply chain compromise of the SolarWinds Orion monitoring software initially affecting FireEye a cybersecurity company. See Browser requirements in. Maximum of 400k elements per primary SolarWinds NPM server ie.

A version of the SRM Additional Web Server software that matches the version of the SolarWinds SRM server or main poller. Locate your product and expand the Orion Additional Web Server. SolarWinds Server Application Monitor SAM is built with out-of-the-box web server monitoring tools for websites and web applications.

Run the same version of NET on your primary server and any Additional Polling Engines APEs or Additional Web Servers AWS in the environment. Beginning with SolarWinds Orion 20162 products NPM 1201 and newer the Web-based License Manager replaces the previous stand-alone Windows License Manager. See details for Maximum Elements per Poller Polling Completion Rates.

In another post I found out that the additional web server must have the following done. A version of the SRM Additional Web Server software that matches the version of the SolarWinds SRM server or. One polling engine for every 12k elements SAM components.

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A server with a 64-bit operating system. The maximum supported latency between servers in a pool is 200 ms. For example if you specify an IP address of 19216803 and port 8080 the URL used to access the web console is http192168038080.

The number of users logged in to the Orion Web Console at the same time is close to 50. Relevant for environments where the number of. The cyber threat worked by inserting a backdoor known as Sunburst into the software to enable hackers to remote.

If you specify any port other than 80 you must include that port in the URL used to access the web console. The following are the recommended specifications. Orion Web Console is having performance issues.

L The WPM Recorder is a Microsoft Windows program that captures web browser steps as you perform them to simulate the typical steps taken by end. – download and install an NTA and an APM web console from the Customer Portal – install the NCM Integration executable and point to the IP of the server where NCM is installed. How the initial intrusion into SolarWinds and its software production environment happened remains under investigation by both federal agencies and the companies affected.

Windows Server 2012 R2. Requirements An additional web server license. Deploying an Additional Web Server might be helpful in the following cases.

Get in-depth tools like PerfStack NetPath and Orion Maps giving users insights. For more information see the following pages. Open the port to enable communication from your computers to the Orion Web Console.

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This server hosts the Orion Web Console where users interact with products and view gathered information. A server with a 64-bit operating system. Click the License Management tab and select My Downloads.

Jim Langevin D-RI SolarWinds CEO Sudhakar Ramakrishna noted that the attackers likely used one of three methods to gain the initial entry. SolarWinds recommends that the latency remains under 100 ms. A network connection between the Additional Web Server and the SolarWinds SRM server or main poller.

Download the Orion Additional Web Server Bundle. A network connection between the Additional Web Server and the SolarWinds SRM server or main poller. One single pane of glass.

SolarWinds Orion Platform product licensing. 1 NPM server 33 APEs. Orion Web Console browser.

Built-in dashboards can allow you to immediately start monitoring the availability and performance of websites and application pools. Default additional web server port. An additional web server license.

If you specify any port other than 80 you must include. Port 17777 is required for communication with the Main Polling Engine. SolarWinds recommends installing NET on your primary Orion server and all scalability engines before installing SCM.

See this article for details. Depending on your network you may have additional requirements for single subnet deployments. Acquire a user name and password with administrative privileges to the Orion Web Console on your primary Orion server.

Leverage the Orion Platforms modular structure with NetFlow Traffic Analyzer NTA to integrate with and easily surface data from other from SolarWinds Network Configuration Manager SolarWinds IP Address Manager and SolarWinds User Device Tracker. The Orion Web Console performance depends on the performance of the computer where you open the browser.

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