Litespeed Web Server Vs Apache

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Nowadays it still is in that market position but mostly for legacy reasons. It is a drop-in Apache replacement and the leading high-performance high-scalability server.

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Apache is the most used server for HTTP traffic.

Litespeed web server vs apache. HTTP2 performance is a crucial metric for any modern web server. LiteSpeed Web Server is Apache compatible. LSWS has been designed to read and run off Apaches httpdconf and htaccess files.

The Apache HTTP Server on the other hand is developed by a lively community of volunteers coordinated by the non-profit Apache Foundation. While the Apache server crashed due to the attacks the Litespeed server managed to withstand the attacks and remain its functionality. Well dive into Apache first since it was released first.

It is generally believed that most servers including Apache nginx and LiteSpeed are mostly comparable in performance of dynamic content. But LiteSpeed Web Server is not based on Apache code. LiteSpeed and Nginx use an event-driven architecture.

Heres a look at Litespeed vs Apache in a business perspective. However for small to medium-sized websites Apache is an excellent choice as it is easy to configure broad support and mild learning curve. After Tim Berners-Lees CERN httpd and NCSA HTTPd in the first couple of years of the internet Apache first released in 1995 quickly conquered the market and became the worlds most popular web server.

Litespeed also suffers from security holes. A drop-in Apache replacement and the leading high-performance high-scalability server. LiteSpeed is currently the 4th popular web server.

But in its default configuration it can cause performance lags. In fact LiteSpeed can work several times faster than Apache. They continue to make improvements to HTTP2 and are making WordPress run more efficiently.

At very high concurrencies LiteSpeed is faster than nginx which is faster than Apache. LiteSpeed is currently a web server that is considered quite a component to build a website. It uses the Apache settings you already have and works with your applications out of the box including hosting control panels written for Apache.

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This leads to a slow-down when the web server is seeing a large amount of traffic. In fact it has more in common with nginx when you look under the hood. LiteSpeed takes HTTP2 performance seriously with.

But then Litespeed is meant as a lightweight alternative to Apache much like a scooter to a truck. Where the Apache server crashed from the attack the Litespeed server crawled along barely functioning but functioning nonetheless. Including Computers Electronics Technology Arts Entertainment Science Education News Media and 20 other categories.

The greatest thing about Litespeed is that the server is really able to handle much more traffic than Apache and it can handle DDOS attacks more efficiently. LiteSpeed can be a drop-in replacement for Apache because it can read and loadhtaccess files. Apache is the reigning king of web servers.

It now serves close to one-third of all websites. Recently they released an open-source version called OpenLiteSpeed with limited features of LiteSpeed. The Apache HTTP Server is a powerful and flexible HTTP11 compliant web server.

Unlike Nginx and OpenLiteSpeed Apache web server has a thread-based structure instead of an event-driven architecture. Also Litespeed is able to handle configuration files and can support. LiteSpeed and nginx are fantastic and way ahead of Apache at serving static content.

In one research an Apache server that had been going under from DDOS attacks was replaced by a Litespeed. 2 Apache Tomcat hasnt got a lead over LiteSpeed Web Server in any websites category. Originally designed as a replacement for the NCSA HTTP Server it has grown to be the most popular web server on the Internet.

The Verdict Between LiteSpeed vs Apache Web Servers I mentioned earlier that there was a clear winner when comparing these two software web servers. This means theres no configuration necessary when you switch to LiteSpeed. 1 LiteSpeed Web Server has better usage coverage in more websites categories.

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It has the ability to read Apache configuration files execute the same commands and integrate fully with all control panels like cPanel Plesk and DirectAdmin. LiteSpeed was officially released in 2003 by LiteSpeed Technologies. LiteSpeed vs NGINX performance comparison and history WordPress hosting Oct 15 2019 by Johnny 23 Comments A quick showdown between LiteSpeed and NGINXtwo of the greatest high-performance web servers.

Based on your business type you may need an Apache tune-up a server optimization an Nginx front-end and in some cases Litespeed replacement. LiteSpeed is a similar web server to Nginx released in 2003. LiteSpeed Web Server is often compared directly to Apache as it was designed to be a drop-in-replacement.

LiteSpeed is miles ahead of Apache when it comes to the performance side and the implementation of HTTP3. The software was first released in 2003 and marketed as an Apache replacement. Released in 1995 Apache is open-source software maintained and developed by an independent community of developers.

Both are really good at serving static files uses dramatically less memory and can handle more than four times more requests per second when compared to Apache. The LiteSpeed Web Server LSWS is the proprietary server solution of LiteSpeed Technologies. Reliable performance and complete LiteSpeed features make it able to compete with Apache which is already used by more than 4 million users.

The project is extremely stable and it does not come with any of the technical or legal caveats of the LiteSpeed Web Server.

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