How Many Requests Can A Web Server Handle Per Second

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You may know that a particular Web site averages 500 hits per hour but. Conversely one instance of a small Azure website is simply maxing out at 200 requests per second and cant serve any more even as the load increases.

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The server still responds to 100 requests per second but the latency has increased.

How many requests can a web server handle per second. HULK CAN HOLD ANY LOAD. If you took a normal 500MHz Celeron machine running Windows NT or Linux loaded the Apache Web server on it and connected this machine to the Internet with a T3 line 45 million bits per second you could handle hundreds of thousands of visitors per day. Canadian Broadcasting CorporationRadio-Canada leverage Azure for smooth election coverage.

CBCRadio-Canada 2015 election night app achieved peaks of over 800K requests per second with 1300 compute cores. There are a number of reasons why 40 web servers would be woefully inadequate for Googles serving needs. The operating system will attempt to share the CPU so now each request takes 20 ms.

There are two things we can surmise from this. On average a web server can handle 1000 requests per second. Web traffic is completely unpredictable which can make it difficult to estimate how much traffic your servers can handle.

With 1 Million users in 4 hours that means around 350 RPS at peak. For this article we set up an Apache HTTP server for use with a basic load of 80-100 requests per second average 876 requestssecond. A user will make 5 requests in a session.

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In this case you have to set up a pool of highly available reverse web proxy servers that serves incoming HTTPS requests and route it to a backend service. Also how many requests can a Web service handle. If the same users make 50 requests per sessions thats 3500 RPS at peak.

We can use log files as a transactional unit to deal with hundreds of thousands of requests per second. SQL Server 2016 1 200 000 batch requestssec Memory-Optimized Table with LOB support Natively Compiled stored procedures. Number of CPU cores Average time for a page request in seconds Max number of Page Requests per second The servers capacity is 32 CPU cores so when every request to the website on average uses 0323 seconds of CPU time we might expect it to be able to deal with approximately 32 cores 0323 seconds CPU time 99 requests per second.

Capacity depends on your app its architecture and the Azure resources youll be using. Firstly each instance of a small Azure website is supporting 200 requests per second. Does that mean Google can run using only 40 web servers.

This setting induces adequate CPU memory and network load for testing purposes. We can have any service subscribe to the information it needs. Well after one second the server could only process 100 requests so it will be processing 2 requests at the same time.

For instance a Linux server with 4 VCPU – 16 GB of memory – clock speed of 23 GHz running Nginx reverse web proxy server can handle at most of 30K HTTPS RPS.

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