How Many Concurrent Requests Can A Web Server Handle

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Make sure that the database is not limited in matters of concurrent connection figure usually the default number of connections is 100 which is not nearly enough in most high-load scenarios. The maximum recommended value for this property is 100.

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Arguably the two most important settings that govern how much simultaneous traffic a Linux server running the LAMP stack can handle are the Apache MaxClients setting and the MySQLMariadb max_connections setting.

How many concurrent requests can a web server handle. The number of concurrent TCP connections that a web server can support is limited. A P4 dual-core processor running nothing but IIS should be able to handle 50-100 concurrent connections. Youd have to reduce that estimate depending on how heavy your database activity is and how much email is passing through at the same time.

This discussion is archived. These connections can be closed when the client goes idle and reopened later. On the other hand a SignalR connection is persistent.

Well it depends on quite a few things but lets start by looking at some server settings and example web applications. Standard HTTP clients use ephemeral connections. Also Know how many requests per second can Nginx handle.

If you took a normal 500MHz Celeron machine running Windows NT or Linux loaded the Apache Web server on it and connected this machine to the Internet with a T3 line 45 million bits per second you could handle hundreds of thousands of visitors per day. Well after one second the server could only process 100 requests so it will be processing 2 requests at the same time. Doing so allows the server to create more threads to handle more concurrent requests.

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Response time can be as low as 5 milliseconds. Formula for calculating the max capacity of your web server Number of CPU cores Average time for a page request in seconds Max number of Page Requests per second The servers capacity is 32 CPU cores so when every request to the website on average uses 0323 seconds of CPU time we might expect it to be able to deal with approximately 32 cores 0323 seconds CPU time 99 requests per second. Sometimes a single server has to deal with these many clients.

Value to 1 would mean that the server could only handle one request at a time but since HTTP requests for static files generally have a very short duration. The operating system will attempt to share the CPU so now each request takes 20 ms. Processing one request at a time still allows you to process up to 200 requests per second.

The server still responds to 100 requests per second but the latency has increased. How many simultaneous connections can a server handle. To respond to multiple concurrent requests you can have a thread pool or workers but how to maintain the consistencySince the.

The default value of Threads Per Processor Limit is 25.

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