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A website is simply a collection of web pages of codes codes that describes the layout format and content on a page. It is commonly named under similar domain name Lastly a Web Server is a platform that hosts a website on the Internet.

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A web server is software and hardware that uses HTTP Hypertext Transfer Protocol and other protocols to respond to client requests made over the World Wide Web.

Explain webpage website and web server. Web server is the system which provide web browser with required information lets say webpage. Often called a web site or a site web server A computer that hosts a website on the Internet. The main job of a web server is to display website content through storing processing and delivering webpages to users.

The hypertext transfer protocol HTTP is used in the World Wide Web in order to transfer webpage data from the web server to the browser. A web server is composed of two aspects hardware and software. Web browser is actually the software or program through which we interact with website and other contents present on internet.

Its a computer program that distributes web pages as they are requisitioned. It usually uses other internet services to access the document. A web browser sends request to server for web based documents and services.

A web server consists of a physical server server operating system OS and software used to facilitate HTTP communication. The sole purpose of a web browser is the viewing of information present on the internet with the aid of extensions while a web server does not display any information itself and is dependent on the browser. Website and spider each contain the letter S.

Web client the Web browser which requests information from web server and make it available to the user. Web Browser is a software which is used to browse and display pages available over internet. Servers are computers that store webpages sites or apps.

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The other parts of the toolbox The client and server weve described above dont tell the whole story. It can be developed and maintained by an individual business or organization. Web server is a program or a computer that can provide services to other programs called clients.

A web page or webpage is a document commonly written in HTML that is viewed in an Internet browser. A website is a group of globally accessible interlinked web pages which have a single domain name. Its primary function is to store process and deliver web pages.

A web server is also known as an internet server. The browser connects your computer to the server through an IP address. The website aims to serve a variety of purposes.

The web browser is an application program that displays a www document. A website is a collection of many web pages all linked together. The World Wide Web WWW is a system of electronically stored hypertext documents.

Along with it there are browsers as applications which we use such as Internet Explorer Mozilla Firefox Chrome Safari etc to interact with the web and browse retrieve the files on web server known as Web Clients. When we google website the very first definition we get from a reliable source such as Wikipedia is a website is a collection of related web pages including multimedia content typically identified with a common domain name and published on at least one web server. Search engine A web service that helps you find other web pages such as Google Bing Yahoo or DuckDuckGo.

When a client device wants to access a webpage a copy of the webpage is downloaded from the server onto the client machine to be displayed in the users web browser. In addition to HTTP theres also an encrypted version of the protocol. These web pages are mostly static content that includes HTML documents images style sheets test etc.

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Techopedia explains Web Server The most simple definition is that a web server runs a website by returning HTML files over an HTTP connection. All this is facilitated by what is called as the Web Server. Apart from HTTP a web server also supports SMTP Simple Mail transfer Protocol and FTP File Transfer Protocol protocol for emailing and for.

Website A collection of web pages which are grouped together and usually connected together in various ways. A web page may contain text graphics and hyperlinks to other web pages and files. A web server consists of all the data required to run a website while a web browser is a software which helps in finding and displaying all that data.

This intercommunication is done using Hypertext Transfer Protocol HTTP. The software side determines how users. A Website is a collection of linked webpages that are compiled together and is usually connected to each other.

Web Server The primary function of a web server is to store process and deliver web pages. Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure HTTPS. Web server is a software which provides these documents when requested by web browsers.

A web page can be accessed by entering a URL address into a browsers address bar. The basic objective of the web server is to store process and deliver web pages to the users. The web server is a internet-connected computer that receives the request for a web page sent by your browser.

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