Cisco Asa Load Balancing Web Server

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This document describes the configuration of the real servers used with the Cisco IOS Server Load Balancing SLB dispatch mode. As I mentioned aboved the ASA is not a load-balancer or a packet-shaper.

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However with the following commands on the ASA we can route traffic to half the destinations on the internet using ISP1 and the other half using ISP2.

Cisco asa load balancing web server. Server Load balancing with NAT using Nexus switches. The following is an example of a VPN load-balancing command sequence that includes a nat command that sets the NAT-translated address to 1921681010. Load balancing is the ability to have Cisco VPN Clients shared across multiple Adaptive Security Appliance ASA units without user intervention.

Global ISP2 1 interface. The SLB dispatch mode is also known as MAC address-based mode and Loopback address-based mode. Server load balancer SLB has become very common in network deployments as the data video traffic are expanding at rapid rate.

Hostname config vpn load-balancing hostname config-load-balancing redirect-fqdn enable hostname config-load-balancing. Unless the route is lost a connection will stay on the chosen interface for its duration. Global ISP1 1 interface.

The ASA uses a master browser WINS server or DNS server typically on the same network as the ASA or reachable from that network to query the network for a list of servers when the remote user clicks Browse Networks in the menu of the portal page or on the toolbar displayed during the Clientless SSL VPN session. There are various modes of SLB deployments today. One ASA device in the cluster is defined as the master which redirects connection requests to the other devices.

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This means that the Cisco IOS always will forward traffic to servers in the group regardless of their operational status. There are various modes of SLB deployments today. The ASA load balances connections across equal cost routes using a hash made from the packet 6-tuple source and destination IP address source and destination port protocol and ingress interface.

There are no specific requirements for this document. Server load balancer SLB has become very common in network deployments as the data video traffic are expanding at rapid rate. The ISP would be responsible for implementing this load balancing option but we would need to strategically select how the public addressing is allocated to benefit from load balancing this way.

When the host accesses the same server for web services the real address is translated to 209165202130. Nat inside 1 0 0. So when you configure ASA in ActiveActive mode then each context is all together a different ASA which will make things even complex.

For example if the Cisco ASA that services the public IP address fails another ASA in the cluster assumes the public IP address. Server Load balancing with NAT using Nexus switches. The agreed architecture outline is to have two ASA firewalls in ActiveStandby connected to a stacked Internet Edge switch block patched via diverse.

Add an entry for each of your ASA outside interfaces into your DNS server if such entries are not already present. Cisco offers a wide range of products and networking solutions designed for enterprises and small businesses across a variety of industries. Overview Cisco ASA VPN Load Balancing is a mechanism used to distribute Remote Access VPN connections equal amongst the ASA devices in the virtual cluster.

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Load Balancing Traffic Steering Clustering using Nexus 5k6k7k9k Cisco Intelligent Traffic Director ITD is an innovative solution to bridge the performance gap between a multi-terabit switch and gigabit servers and appliances. It is a hardware based multi-terabit layer. It cannot determine actual loads of the internal servers so it cannot perform load balancing efficiently.

It cannot detect whether an internal server in the group fails. Load-balancing ensures that the public IP address is highly available to users. Cisco ASA Series Command Reference I – R Commands.

I think if you plan to achieve load balancing high availability at the same time you can user server-list and backup server-list feature of XML profile.

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