Check Apache Web Server Status

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The Tomcat manager provides a quick way to check our servers status by displaying how many HTTP threads are active the storage allocation in the various memory pools plus other helpful data. You can start typing apache in the search menu to quickly narrow your selection.

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Restart Apache and head to httpmyservertldserver-status and youll see something like Figure 1.

Check apache web server status. Check manual page of apache_status. Configure mod_status Module in Apache Ubuntu Save the changes and restart Apache for the changes to take effect to confirm the status as shown. Alternatively use the URL below to view the Apache web server status information from a graphical web browser.

In a WHM server we can view the Apache Status by navigating through the path WHM HOME Server Status Apache Status after logging to your WHM Panel at the URL httpsserverIP or hostname2087 as shown in the screenshot. The current version of Apache appears next to the server version on the Apache status page. Sudo apache2ctl start sudo apache2ctl status.

Sudo systemctl restart apache2 Then verify the status of Apache and ensure it up and running. Httplocalhostserver-status OR httpSERVER_IPserver-status 3. Email protected httpd -t Syntax OK.

For instance to start Apache and check its status run these two commands with root user privileges by employing the sudo command in case you are a normal user. How to Check Apache httpd Web Server Uptime Using mod_status Module on Linux The Apache mode_status module allows a server administrator to check Apache Web server uptime concurrent connections and server performance with a given interval through the CLI and GUI. Write a Python list of dicts for protocol servername and port.

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This will open a console window and start Apache inside it. This Apache mod_status module will permit a server administrator to check the following. As a preparation you need to install the agent plugin apache_status into your agents plugins directory usually usrlibcheck_mk_agentplugins.

Displays a full status report from mod_status. Now make sure that youve correctly enabled and configured the Apache server-status page. Stop Apache Web Server.

To check the Apache service run time status information run the following command. This check parses the information provided by the Apache status module. The mod_status here displays all the information about the server including its performance and uptime.

Monitoring the JVM is an important part of administering the Apache Tomcat server. Service apache2 status. Ps is a utility which shows information concerning a selection of the active processes running on a Linux system you can use it with grep command to check Apache service uptime as follows.

Check status to see whether Apache is enabled with the command. The plugin tries to autodetect all running apache servers. Once you get syntax is OK you can able to restart the httpd service.

Here the flag-e enables selection of every processes on the system. The URL used to access the status report can be set by editing the STATUSURL variable in the script. ———— On CentOSRHEL ———— sudo systemctl status httpd On Systemd sudo service httpd status On SysVInit ———— On UbuntDebian ———— sudo systemctl status apache2 On Systemd sudo service apache2 status On SysVInit.

If it isnt working then check the status of the Apache web server by running the following command in your terminal. If you have enabled that module on DebianUbuntu this is the default then below the URL server-status Apache show interesting information like. Sudo systemctl status apache2 If it is running it should display the message active running as in the image below.

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Go to httpserver-ip80 on your web browser. It is a free open-source and cross-platform HTTP server providing powerful features that can be extended by a wide variety of modules. Checking the Apache Version Using WebHost Manager- Find the Server Status section and click Apache Status.

For this to work you need to have mod_status enabled on your server and a text-based browser such as lynx available on your system. This command will show whether Apache is running or has stopped. The mod_status module needs to be enabled and installed.

Apache web server uptime. Now youll be able to see your Apache status at a glance from anywhere. Apache will execute and will remain running until it is stopped by pressing Control-C.

– Uptime since the server was startedrestarted – Number of idle workers – Number of buys workers – Number of open slots – Total number of slots – Total number of accesses – CPU Load for each worker total for all workers – Averages. Apache HTTP server is the most popular web server in the world. A page saying your Apache server is running properly should show up.

You can also run Apache via the shortcut Start Apache in Console placed to Start Menu — Programs — Apache HTTP Server 24xx — Control Apache Server during the installation. If that fails for some reason you need to create the configuration file etccheck_mkapache_statuscfg and list your servers here. You can also check for the errors in the httpdconf configuration using the following command.

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